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Research has found that preparing one’s own obituary can often prove to be therapeutic, not only
for the individual, but for the family as well. By drafting the obituary in advance, the family can
often begin to come to terms with the pending death and help begin to process the emotions
which will ensue.

It can also be a sense of pride for the individual and their family to look back on the
accomplishments of a life. Too often, obituaries are drafted by family members hastily in an effort to finalize all the arrangements. Although they have good intentions, the obituaries read as generic recaps of life, blending in with all the others appearing in the newspaper. Many times, the family leaves this task to the funeral director, who may never have known the individual and only had sketchy biographical information to go on.
Everyone’s life story, no matter how seemingly simple, is worth telling. We find that families who
initially think there is not much to say are surprised to see how much there is to tell about their
loved one if given time to think about it. An obituary need not be overly long or verbose to be
We encourage families to submit their own obituaries. If you do not wish to do so, we will submit
obituaries to daily newspapers in Florida on you behalf we will also place and submit outofstate
obituaries and notices on you behalf. Nearly every daily newspaper charges for placement of
obituaries and paid death notices.