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Why Do I Need a Guarantee?

The guarantee is our way of assuring high standards and high quality services for you. When it comes to cremation, national and local news headlines have revealed severe malpractices in the past. Some cremation service providers have engaged in unethical practices, and some have failed to adhere to a strict system of checks and balances. Our guarantee provides you with a peace of mind that you are working with a cremation provider that will care for your loved one as if they were a part of their own family.

Two Segments of the Cremation Guarantee

The Worth Cremation Service Guarantee is divided into two segments/phases. The first segment consists first of 13 safety standards we adhere to in order to provide greater peace of mind to  families who use our services.

The second is our moneyback guarantees.

First, if you are not satisfied with any portion of the services we offer, you will not be charged for that part of the service.

Second, we guarantee that once all legal documents are obtained, the cremation will take place within 72 hours. If we fail to perform the cremation within 72 hours, the entire cremation is free.

Because of our guarantees and our commitment to the high standards we set at Worth Cremation Service, we have built a reputation as the best cremation service provider in Florida. With us there is no fine print, and we make sure you are aware of what to expect from us from start to finish. We keep you updated every step of the way. We are proud to say that no other area cremation provider offers such extensive guarantees. Our service guarantees are just another way we show how confident we are in the quality of the services we provide. When it comes to cremation services, we set the gold standards in the industry.


When it comes to safeguarding personal identity, we attach our trademarked personal identification system to the wrist of your loved one. The band is resistant to extremely high temperatures, and contains a disk that has a unique 5digit number on it. From the moment we receive your loved one at our crematory to the point where the cremated remains are returned to you, the wrist band and the disk ensure that the personal identity of your loved one is safeguarded.

We perform extensive background checks on all our cremation staff members. We also perform drug tests, and put them through an extensive training program before we allow them to handle any part of the care of your loved one. The first care specialists who take your loved one into our care are assigned a GPS tracking system. Through this system we can track the location of your loved one from the moment they leave your care to the moment they arrive at our crematory.
The GPS also allows us to make sure your loved one is brought from the place of death to the crematory directly, and the whole process is taken care of with extreme care and dignity. We realize that parting with a loved one and turning over their care is hard for you, and it is our responsibility to prove ourselves worthy of your trust.


We use the Assure TrackTM tracking system to identify your loved one and to make sure the right cremated remains are returned to you. There have been several mishaps with other cremation providers who ended up delivering the wrong cremated remains to the wrong family, and that possibility has been completely eliminated with our stateoftheart tracking system.

The wrist band and the disk we explained earlier are just one part of our comprehensive tracking system. There is a 15point checklist that we cross check to make sure we keep track of the  identity of your loved one. Also any personal belongings that arrive with your loved one are  catalogued and placed in a secure area, and are returned to you at the end of the service.


You and your family members can attend the cremation personally, or can opt to attend through our Assure View system provided through the Internet. If you opt for Assure View, you will be provided a secure link where you can watch a live transmission of the cremation. This helps set your mind at ease that your loved one is receiving the best care possible, and that we are
upholding the high standards we have set for ourselves.

Some families ask “what will my loved one be cremated in?” Our staff will dress your loved one in any clothes you provide. We also have standard gowns that we place on the decedents for whom no clothes are provided. We make sure that your loved one’s dignity is always protected.


We make sure that a member of the Watts family oversees the cremation process. We contact the physician to get the death certificate, and we also get permission from the medical examiner to perform the cremation. The 48hour waiting period required by the state is usually enough to acquire and secure all the necessary paperwork. Sometimes this might take longer, but we
do our best to see to it all legal documents and permissions are obtained as quickly as possible. In this way, we minimize the stress you face in arranging and performing the cremation.


All the legal documents for cremation are verified by a certified cremationist and a member of the Watts family before the cremation is carried out. This is to insure that all authorizations have been received and are properly documented.

Standard 6: CREMATION

After the legal documents have been verified, the cremation checklist is completed, and the Assure Track system is in place, your loved one is placed in the crematory by a member of the Watts family. The date and time of the cremation and the name of the cremationist in charge of performing the service are all recorded in our database.


The certified cremationist overseeing the crematory reviews all the paperwork, and cross references the Assure Track number to verify that all standard procedures have been followed prior to the cremation.


The cremated remains are removed using a hightemperature vacuum system. By using this technology, we avoid leaving part of the cremated remains behind as is often the case with other crematories. At this point, the cremationist again verifies the Assure Track number.


The cremated remains are then processed and the Assure Track number is verified again. The cremated remains are then placed in an urn and are ready to be returned to you.


There are a number of legal documents that should be presented to you with the cremated remains, and our cremationists make sure all such documents are ready once the cremation process is complete. We verify and add the Assure Track number to the documents, and place the time and date of cremation in writing along with the name of the cremationist in charge of the


We set an appointment with you and present you with all the legal documents along with the remains. If you cannot receive the remains at our office and want them delivered somewhere, we can send the urn containing the cremated remains through express delivery to an address of your choosing.

Although none of these standards are required by state law, we follow them religiously so that you and your loved ones get the care you deserve.