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   Chaplain Jamie D Wattts   


Join Me for A Special Cremation Education Event!

Hello I'm Chaplain Jamie Watts,

Join me for one of my  weekly webinars about cremation. My cremation webinars are part of my effort to educate people about the subject of cremation. I believe that having prior information about cremation can help families make educated decisions. Many people who choose cremation often leave that choice to their family. If you are educated about cremation services and know what to expect at a crematory, you will be able to decide whether it is something you want for your loved one or not. I discuss the following subjects in my cremation webinars:

1. The Basics About Cremation
We educate all the participants about what cremation is and how it works. We also go into the history of cremation, and describe our cremation process in detail.

2. Cremation Options
We have two options for cremation: Simplicity Cremation and Simplicity Veterans Cremation. We explain both these options in detail, and let you know exactly what services are included in each option.

3. Assure Track
We have created a comprehensive state-of-the-art system through which the identity of your loved one always remains verifiable. We attach a stainless steel disk with a unique five-digit number to a
tamper-resistant wristband, and place it on the decedent. The disk can survive extremely high temperatures, and is therefore an ultimate way for us to ensure we deliver the right ashes to the right people, and that there is no identity mix up. The Assure Track system also consists of a  15-point checklist. The cremation seminars include detailed discussion about the Assure Track system.

4. Assure View
Assure View is a service we provide that allows you to witness the cremation online and watch it through a secure web link if you are not in town. In our seminars, we explain how you can use this service, and how it is helpful for those who cannot make it to the crematory.

5. Our Code of Ethics
We explain our origins, how the company was formed and what we stand for. We believe in treating
families we serve as if they are part of our own family; also we have placed strict policies to ensure that our code of ethics is followed in every cremation we conduct.

6. The Bill of Rights
The Bill of Rights is also available on our website, but we discuss it in seminars as well. This helps us to make sure everyone knows their rights and what to expect from us. We follow the Bill of Rights religiously and ensure your loved ones get the care they deserve.

7. Our Standards
We uphold the highest ethics and standards when it comes to cremation services. This is a detailed part of the seminar as we have a lot to talk about when it comes to how we operate.

The first most important part of our values is to hire the right people for the job. Did you know that the state of Florida does not require the person operating the crematory to be licensed or certified? The state does have a 48-hour waiting period before the cremation can be conducted, but the person actually operating the crematory can be just about anyone. Many people see staff members at the crematorium and just assume that they are qualified, while the reality can be the exact opposite.

Due to the fact that the person does not need to have a license, most crematories just hire hourly
laborers to oversee the cremations. These staff members are often simply hired off the street with little
or no training and no accountability to the Florida Funeral Licensing Board. There have been a number of horrible incidences in the past, where mishandling of the decedents at different  crematories caused emotional and mental trauma to their loved ones. Therefore, we have made it mandatory that our staff members receive advanced training from the Florida Cremation Council.

We have also made it necessary for at least one member of the Watts family to be present at the time of the cremation, just to ensure that all standard procedures are being followed. The Watts family members associated with Worth Cremations are licensed Funeral Directors, and have many years of experience. Florida Law requires a two-year Associates Degree in Funeral Sciences, a one-year apprenticeship program, and the passing of both a national and state exam to be a licensed Funeral Director; the members of the Watts family fulfill all of these criteria. We feel that these licensed professionals are better suited to oversee the cremation.

Being a licensed member of the Florida Funeral Board ensures accountability, and having a certificate from the Florida Cremation Council ensures high-quality practices. The seminars include a detailed description of why these certifications and licenses are important, and how they help to uphold the highest standards of cremation.

8. Our Practices
Apart from using the Assure Track system and upholding the Bill of Rights, we also make sure that your loved one gets the maximum amount of the cremated remains. This is an important part of our practices, as this is near the final stage where we extract the remains and provide them to you.

We use a high-temperature vacuum system to extract the remains from the crematory. Most crematories do not use this method because it is costly and time consuming, and they only return around 90% of the remains. We consider it highly unethical to leave even a small percentage of the remains behind; not only does this practice hurt the grievers of the decedent, the remains left in the crematory get mixed with those of the next person. In short, the high-temperature vacuum system is the best possible way to ensure all of the remains are provided to you, and therefore we have included this as a standard part of our services.

You can click here to sign up for the cremation seminar today, so that you may be educated about Cremations, Worth Cremation Service, and the standards and practices we follow.