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To ensure the best level of care for your loved ones, we follow a very strict code of moral values. Not only do we use Assure Track and a set of other practices to ensure high standards, we also make sure we stay true to our principles of providing the best service to the decedent by following a strict ethical code.
When it comes to the practice of cremation, we believe that the decedent deserves care and respect as if they were members of our own family. We believe that the mourners should be treated with compassion, and that everyone decedent deserves a memorialization.

We hold ourselves accountable for creating and maintaining an atmosphere of respect at all times. We believe that licensed and qualified individuals should be appointed at crematoriums, and that those individuals must be true to our values and ethical standards if they are to be part of a cremation service. We only employ staff members who are trained and have the right credentials, and have no chance of bringing disrepute to the cremation service by conduct or demeanor.

Our highest priority is the care of the decedent and their family. That is why we started this business and that is why we have such goodwill in our community. We have grown over the last few years because we have our priorities straight, and care about the departed and their families instead of trying to take advantage of them when they are at their most vulnerable.

We believe that the cremation is a preparation for memorialization, and that the departed should be memorialized through commemorative means worthy of their memory. Because of these beliefs, we have created and adhere to a strict Code of Ethical Cremation Conduct.

Worth Cremation Service Ethical Cremation Conduct

1. Respectful and Dignified Cremation
The process of cremation must be carried out in a dignified and respectful manner at all

2. Protection of the Deceased
Local tradition and standard practices are to be followed when taking care of the decedent.
Furthermore, the decedent must be dressed in proper attire at all times. Forty-eight hours’
waiting time should be observed before the cremation according to state law.

3. Separate Cremation - No Mixing Of Remains
A high-powered vacuum is to be used to ensure that the maximum percentage of the remains
is extracted from the crematory. Cremations are to be carried out separately, so there is no
mixing of remains.

4. Cremation of Human Remains
Worth Cremation Service only cremates human remains.

5. Right of an Individual to Decide Disposal of Remains
It is an individual’s right to determine the final method of the disposal of their remains. Their
wishes are to be respected at all times.

6. Cremation to Be the Only Official Term
The word "cremation" is the only official word used to describe the disposal method
practiced by Worth Cremation Service.

7. Identification of the Deceased until the Final Cremation Process
Identification of the decedent is to be confirmed upon arrival, and it is to be ensured by using
the Assure Track system. From the first stage to the final stage of cremation, the identity of
the decedent must remain with the body and then the remains.

8. Ban on the Commercialization of Products or Residue of Cremation
The products or residue of a cremation shall not be used for any commercial purpose.

9. All Materials Used in Cremation to Be Environmentally Sound
Environment-friendly products and procedures are to be used to minimize our carbon

10. Cremation Staff to Be Qualified and Competent
Only competent, qualified, and licensed staff is to be hired.

11. Staff Taking Part in Cremation to Be Subject To the Code
Staff associated in any way with the cremation service shall adhere to this Code of Ethics at all

12. All Persons Have the Right to Choose Cremation
Everyone has the right to choose cremation, and their desires are to be respected in this

13. Responsible Educators
Those choosing cremation are to be thoroughly educated about the cremation process and
the options available to them. The family members of the decedent are also to be educated
about the service we offer, so that they know their rights and exactly what to expect from us.

Cremation Bill Of Rights

The cremation Bill of Rights is part of our initiative to educate those choosing cremation
about their rights. The following Bill of Rights ensures that we stick to our ethical code, and
that we offer the best services to ease people’s pain.

1. You have the right to know where your loved one will be cremated.

2. You have the right to witness the cremation, and to inspect the crematory prior to the

3. You have the right to have your loved one's cremation overseen by a licensed and trained
cremationist certified by the Florida Cremation Council.

4. You have the right to have your loved one cremated within 72 hours of all legal and
company requirements being met. However, the 48-hour waiting period must be observed
before the cremation can commence according to state law.

5. You have the right to have all your questions answered in a helpful, respectful, and
compassionate manner.

6. You have the right to have your loved one treated with dignity and respect, and to have
your loved one kept protected prior to and during the cremation service until the cremated
remains are returned to you.

7. You have the right to purchase only those items and services you desire.

8. You have the right to be given the complete cost for the cremation service without hidden
or additional fees. You are not to be subjected to hidden charges and complicated billing.

9. You have the right to have a maximum percentage of the cremated remains returned to

10. You have the right to have your privacy protected and your wishes honored.

This Bill of Rights is to be provided to you online or in print so that you may educate yourself
about the cremation service and know exactly what kind of service to expect from Worth